JUMPA Conditions of use:

  • All persons use the facility at their own risk
  • This facility must be used for its intended purpose only
  • Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times
  • In the interest of safety PLEASE DO NOT bring dogs, glass or alcohol into the area
  • Please keep this sports surface in good shape so we can all enjoy it
  • If you do not need to use the tennis net please roll carefully and put away in the
  • green metal box
  • No skateboards or roller-blades
  • No bicycles or scooters
  • No boots with studs
  • This court is inspected regularly – in the event of a problem please contact a member of the JUMPA Committee

The court was made possible by the generosity of Cherwell District Council, the Nunneley
family, SITA Trust, The Foundation of Sport and the Arts, The National Lottery’s Award for
All, plus the hard work and support of many local people. It is run by volunteers: we are
always grateful for donations, as resurfacing and maintenance are funded by the

JUMPA Committee Members (Jubilee Multi-Purpose Play Area)

Chair: Ian Harris – Email: ii.harris@btinternet.com
Secretary: Ian Donaldson – Email: ia.donaldson@btinternet.com Mobile: 07766700515
Treasurer: Simon Woolf – Email: simon.woolf@me.com
Bookings: Nick Atkinson – Email: Nick.Atkinson@rsmuk.com
Committee Members: Steve Woodcock, Alex Birch, Pete Lemon, Adam Busby, David Kentish

JUMPA Bookings Timetable

This timetable is for information only.  If you wish to book the court please either contact Nick Atkinson by email Nick.Atkinson@rsmuk.com or fill in the weekly timetable kept in the JUMPA noticeboard.

View the JUMPA bookings timetable